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Refugee Tribune

Information published on the refugee/asylum seekers` situation in Lithuania does not reflect the real picture and is mostly subjective. Public does not receive alternative information to make independent conclusions. This situation increases the hate attitude of Lithuanian residents towards immigrants/refugees. RC created Refugee Tribune for refugees/asylum seekers to speak out on their situation.

Asylum Seekers' Protest in Pabrade


Migrants are demanding for freedom after spending 7 months in detention centers in Lithuania.  

Call for help to end detention

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We are the migrants in Lithuania and we are seeking help from International Organizations , Human Right Lawyers and Human Right Activists. Our freedom of movement have been...

2022-03-02, Medininkai Camp

"I just woke up after hearing someone kick the room door and the second kick was in my stomach ...

"Then they opened the cooling container for food and put me inside, even though I was bleeding..."


"My name is ...... from Iraq. I'm a refugee in Lithuania and I have been living here about 7 months now...

Stop the Detention of Migrants in Lithuania!


Fundraising campaign to take legal steps against the illegal detention of thousands of migrants in Lithuanian camps